For an appointment, call Ileath at (408) 893-0500

Services   –   I cut hair, color hair, style hair for special events and do hair and scalp treatments.

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Why did you become a hairstylist?
I was destined to become a stylist because I absolutely love what I do. I thrive on being creative and helping people understand their hair. I really enjoy encouraging clients to feel good about their hair and themselves.

What inspires you?
Life around me… Past, present and future all play apart in what inspires me.

A product you can’t live without?
Any Product the will help me create the look that I am trying to achieve, however 1 look that I love to create is big sexy fun hair… To get this look I like to use Rene Furterer’s Vegetal Mousse on top and at the crown of the head apply directly top the root, than Rene Furterer’s Straightning Gel on the mid-shaft to ends of the hair… This is good for curly, wavy and straight hair types.