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Why did you become a hairstylist?
I’m an artist and I wanted a job where I could work closely with people. I enjoy the sculpting aspect of crafting a style that works just right for a client’s hair texture, facial features and lifestyle. I also love the personal interaction, hearing stories, sharing ideas or just letting clients have a peaceful hour. I’ve been doing hair since 2002 and I’m always learning new techniques and it’s never boring.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by haircuts I see people wearing out in the world. When someone likes their haircut, their whole style really shines; no matter what style they’ve chosen. Hair is a very important accessory. A well-crafted haircut will turn heads. I especially love men’s haircuts, shorter styles for women and cutting all textures types and ethnicities of hair. I get tons of ideas from album covers and indie movies.

A product you can’t live without?
Because I wear a short textured pixie cut, I love Rene Furterer’s Naturia Dry Shampoo. It leaves my hair clean with a great texture, not soft and fluffy. I also love Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray and Sumotech.