Want heavily discounted haircuts & custom-crafted color? Have a flexible schedule?

Every stylist at Peter Thomas Hair, in addition to completing cosmetology school and receiving a cosmetology license, must complete 2 years of rigorous apprentice training at Peter Thomas Hair. Our haircutting and color teachers further train our apprentices with hair models on the finer points of hair services.

Classes are held most MONDAY mornings and afternoons. They are approximately 3 hours and are closely supervised by our team of devoted teachers. (We do not offer any perm or texture classes.)

As a hair model for our apprentice classes, you’ll receive heavily discounted hair services. As a regular client in the salon, color services can cost between $80-$200. But in the color class as a hair model color services cost between $25-50. As a regular client in the salon, haircuts can cost $55-$135. But in the haircutting class as a hair model haircuts are only $25.

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